Male Aphrodisiac Drops and Patches(Aphrodisiacs)

Male Aphrodisiac Drops and Patches

Every man needs a quick boost to his sex drive sometimes, especially if you are overworked, stressed or tired. We have the help you need in both drops and patches form.

Choose the fast acting arousal drops if you want rapid results. Simply drop between 6 to 12 drops on your tongue and you will rise to the occasion in about 20 minutes.

The patches are slower to work but very powerful, and can in some men lead to excessively prolonged erections – if that occurs, discontinue use for at least 3 days.

Now in Double Strength Formulation!

Male Aphrodisiac Drops


Male Arousal Patches

Warning: Do not use either product if you have a serious heart condition where you have been advised that sexual activity is inadvisable.