Best Levitra Price – Cost of Generic vs. Non-Generic

levitra priceMillions of men across the world have been suffering from erectile dysfunction. Although there are no recognized permanent cures for this issue, there are several pills such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis that provide short-term relief.

Levitra pills are protected by a patent in the US. So the unauthorized distribution and sale of the drug are strictly prohibited. Elsewhere in Canada and Europe customers may be able to legally buy generic and branded Levitra without facing any problems.

What is the difference between generic and non-generic versions of Levitra?

Generic and Non-generic LevitraGeneric Levitra actually contains the same active ingredient Vardenafil also present in the branded pill. The dosages too contain the same amounts of the active ingredient varying between 2.5mg and 20mg.

The primary difference, however, lies not in the chemical composition of the drug rather in the physical appearance and the inactive ingredients of the pill. Most generic Levitra manufacturers in order to differentiate their product from other similar drug manufacturers stick to a particular shape, size, and color in order to allow users to quickly identify their product. Moreover, the inactive ingredients used too may be different, varying from one generic pill to the other.

Why do users prefer Generic Levitra in the first place when there are branded ones available in the market already?

The most important reason is the price. The average cost of branded Levitra in the marketplace regardless of dosage costs between $456 and $500 for ten pills. This is extremely expensive for the average American consumer. Now for those who do not have any medical insurance, medication especially Levitra may turn out to be an expensive affair.

This is where generic Levitra comes in. They provide users with the exact same experience at a significantly lower cost. Users, in general, may be able to cheap and affordable Levitra pills at online stores. For example, generic 10mg Levitra costs $47 for ten pills, $111 for thirty pills, $143 for forty and $199 for sixty pills respectively.

In the case of the 20mg Levitra variant, ten pills are known to cost $28, twenty at $55, thirty at $79 and sixty pills at $151. As you can see, the prices are still significantly lower than those available at retail stores.

Customers who order Levitra with dapoxetine online, another generic variant of Levitra may also be eligible for discounts that may be announced the time and again. They may be availed as discounts, rebates and offer coupons that either offers cash back or additional pills. These offers entice customers to buy Levitra from online pharmacies.

However one must remember that generic Levitra pills are not backed by insurance, if the cost was the only issue for getting an insurance in the first place then the consumer need not even worry at all as most of the Levitra pills are cheap and extremely affordable for the average American user.

Most long term users of the generic Levitra are also benefitted immensely as they may be able to save a lot of money in the process. Due diligence must be carried out while buying these ED pills online by verifying the portal for certifications from pharmacy boards, past users’ reviews in order to gauge the authenticity of the seller.