Misconceptions On Cheap Online Pharmacies

Common misconceptions regarding without prescription tags on cheap online pharmacies

Number of online pharmacies offer medicines at very low price and without prescription. You should be very careful while buying medicines from these sites. It may be possible that some of the online pharmacies are fake and may supply low quality products. However it is not a reason to stay away from them. Many of them can provide good quality medicines at very low cost.

We are here to bust some common misconceptions surrounding cheap online pharmacies providing medicines without prescription.

Misconception 1: There is no involvement of doctor at any stage because there is no prescription required

Truth: If you are buying from an authorized online pharmacy, they will ask you to fill out a brief medical history regarding your illness. This history is reviewed by pharmacy’s licensed doctor who only approves if use of medicine is justified. So in a way it does involve a prescription of a qualified doctor.

Misconception 2: Low price means low quality

Truth: The fact is most of the online pharmacies are not drug stores. They act as mediator between customers and drug stores. They don’t have to pay high taxes as they are based on a country like Canada where drug price is controlled by government. Few online pharmacies are also able to cut down the cost as they don’t have to maintain physical store or pay to employees. Therefore they are able to offer such lower prices.

Misconception 3: They always have hidden high shipping charges

Truth: Shipping charges are reasonable and they are mentioned on the website. The applicable charges are dependent on the place of delivery. It is possible that if you are from nearby place, you may get free home delivery!

Misconception 4: Pharmacies without prescription tag provide generic drugs which are ineffective

Truth: All the drugs supplied by a legitimate online pharmacy, are FDA approved. The medicines are of two categories. The first one being the brand name medications, they are quite expensive. The companies spend lot of money for marketing of branded drugs, so they have to recover all the cost from customers. They may get the brand name patented for themselves, so other companies are not able to produce the same drug.

After the brand name expires, the medicine becomes available to other companies for production. They produce same medication which is known as generic drug. Because of high competition they have to keep the price low, so that they can stay in the competition. The generic medicines will have the same effectiveness as branded medicines.

Misconception 5: It is illegal to buy medicine from online pharmacies

Truth: It is legal to buy medicines over online pharmacies and it is also approved by FDA. However you can buy medicines for maximum only 3 months, at once. After which if you require more you can ask them to refill.

Misconception 6: Online pharmacies with “no prescription” tag don’t provide information on adverse effects

Truth: You can find all the detailed side effects and contraindications over good online pharmacies or their websites. In addition, the medicines are always provided with drug information leaflets, which contains all the details of the drugs supplied. You are also advised to consult a doctor before you consume a drug.

Just by little research on online pharmacy, you can always get good quality medicine at low price. There is no reason to shy away from great chance of cutting cost on medicines!