Obesity affects your erection health? Use xenical

use xenical to avoid obesityOverweight people, particularly those with excess belly fat have been reported to be diagnosed with problems related to sexual responsiveness in numerous ways since obesity can tamper with the body’s capability to provide blood to the penis. It can even result in testosterone production dropping down. You don’t need to worry if you have a problem with erection as Xenical would help you in it. The xenical drug is a very popular weight-loss medication in recent years.


The health of a man’s blood vessels is significantly affected by the excess body weight. When the blood vessels leading to the penis distend which in turn results in the flow of blood in it then an erection occurs. This process starts when the inner wall of the vessels that is, the endothelium, releases nitric oxide, a molecule that gives the signals to the encompassing muscles to recline. Though not completely sure but most medical studies conclude that obesity seems to impair the endothelium and when the endothelium doesn’t function as it is supposed to, the penis may not achieve an erection due to inadequate supply of blood. If blood flow cannot increase because the blood vessels can’t dilate normally, then there’s a decrease in erectile function. Those men who are obese are highly affected by the impotency problem when compared to men who are healthy.

The probability of your chances of having erectile dysfunction is increased by 30-90 per cent, if you are obese. Testosterone level which plays a significant role in libido and sexual activities are lowered due to obesity.


Xenical, the trade name for orlistat, which is marketed as a prescription drug, is a FDA authorized prescription medication known as ‘lipase’ inhibitor. Xenical works principally to lessen the quantity of dietary fat absorbed into the body. This fat is alternatively passed undeviating, through the body by your ordinary and accustomed bowel movements. By removing this fat from the body, Xenical assists weight loss. The Xenical drug has been widely studied over by many data analysts and researchers. It was found that the aggregate weight loss with Xenical with diet was 50% more compared to placebo. Although Xenical medication may be effective in weight loss, it does not do all the work on its own and hence it is important that you incorporate it with a dietary supplement consisting of around 30% of calories coming from fat and also including physical regimes. Xenical is effective in inhibiting fat intake from your diet which will helps you to scale down your total calorie intake.

Before the body can imbibe them, dietary fats need to be cut down into smaller parts. Xenical pills acts by impeding the enzyme that breaks down fats in your diet. You still need to cut down your total intake of calories since Xenical does not block the imbibition of calories from sugar and other non-fat foods. This Xenical drug isn’t a wonder medication that promises to help you lose weight in a day with ease; you have to make the effort from your side, to work out a bit, balance your food ratio and set for yourselves healthy goals for each day which you need to accomplish. Lose weight with the help of Xenical and improve your erection health.